Monday, 31 August 2009

Nicholson Street Mall, Melbourne

I first spotted this scheme in the recent edition of Topos, the funky european design magazine, and wasn't entirely sure if I liked it. Since then it seems to have grown on me. So much so that I've been happily putting images of it into a presentation, and promising clients that I'll make their prison look just like it!

Yes it's brash (it is in Australia), but I also think it's colourful, fun and the perfect response to a dowdy, tired looking part of town. While it makes a bold statement, with the jagged yellow paving slashing through it, it's clear that the individual spaces within it are well thought out and have a nice human scale, which is unusual in such a highly stylised design. I also like the fact that no two elements within the scheme are entirely alike.

The designers of the scheme were landscape architects from Hassell, and in 2008 it recieved an AILA award.

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