Saturday, 15 August 2009

Cycle Stands

Cycle stands are invariably pretty boring. The Sheffield stand (see above) is pretty universally used, and while there are other designs for cycle stands, they're not particularly exciting either. Hence, I was interested to see that David Byrne (yes, him out of the Talking Heads) has produced some arty, cycle stands to try and get people riiding their bikes in New York. I think they're pretty cool.

I like the way he's themed them according to where they are. Hence the dollar sign is on Wall Street, the shoe is on a shopping street and rather unsurprisingly, the coffee mug is outside a coffee shop. It's quite an interesting idea and has had me wondering how you could do something similar in the UK: Crown shaped stands outside Buckingham Palace. A pint glass outside a pub. A cycle stand shaped like a small child outside a school...

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