Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Greenwich Millennium Village

After looking through my photo's of interesting schemes, I came across some for Millennium Village, which I visited awhile back. It's an interesting place, full of lots of new ideas about architecture and public realm design, which you probably wouldn't get without pots of public cash.
Wikipedia has some good facts about it. As you can see from the aerial, it's only just around the corner from the Dome (yes, I know it's the O2 Arena now) and very much worth a visit. Sir Terry Farrell did the initial masterplan (I think this was after he was in Jane's Addiction), and you can still see his original 'wavy' shapes in the perimeter blocks of buildings. Here are my pics:

View accross the 'eco-park'

The main elevation to the 'eco-park'.

Shared Space streets

More shared space!

Note: cars are only allowed to park for a short time on the streets. Other parking is in the undercrofts.

Nicely detailed seating area.

Main road frontage

I love this. You may be able to see the 'Dome' in the background - note the yellow masts which hold it up. The trees planted on the footpath to it are Fraxinus 'Jaspidea', which have yellow branches that mirror the Domes masts.

Nicely detailed steps.

A small square close to the school.

Granite block seat in funky, 'rainbow' limestone.

Highway/pavement dilineation.

Shared space streets again.

Nice street scene - uncluttered and nicely detailed with trees, paving and shrub planting.

Wider view of space outside Ted Cullinan's Primary School.

Closer view of the wooden school!

Another nicely detailed street.

The journey home!

Pretentious, moi?!?


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