Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Power Station Landscape

Waiting for a train at East Midlands Parkway a couple of weeks back, I found myself reflecting on the beauty of Ratliffe Power Station. I guess this isn't something you would normally expect to hear from someone with an interest in the landscape or our environment. But somehow the manmade, somewhat brutal form of the cooling towers made an interesting counterpoint* to a bright, fresh morning.

Apologies for the lack of blog updates recently. With any luck normal service will be resumed shortly!

*Please note that I have deliberately avoided the use of the word 'juxtaposition', for reasons that I may one day elaborate on.


  1. I did think it was rather disappointing that someone (the energy company or the railway inspectorate?) insisted on new fencing between the power station and the new railway station that interfere with the view.

    It would have been far better to have had a moat filled with the tropically warm waters from the power station (stocked with piranhas if necessary!

  2. I too love these building types - Bernd and Hilla Becher did wonderful work photographing industrial landscapes