Saturday, 11 July 2009

More River Access

Just a quick post to highlight an excellent article in today's Times by Griff Rhys Jones, regarding River Access. To anyone interested in the issue, I'd recommend you read the full article (see below), but the general gist is highlighting the lack of public access to the rivers of England and Wales.

The article begins:

"It’s time to reclaim our rivers, says Griff Rhys Jones

From secret bends to urban meanders, our waterways are a national treasure. They need to be opened up for everyone"

I think this next quote cuts to the heart of the issue:

"...after a year spent canoeing, swimming and surfing along our waterways for my new television series about Britain’s rivers, I have discovered that, in England and Wales at least, they no longer belong to the people. They belong to stockbrokers, to anglers and to farmers."

The quotes come ahead of the new tv series, "Rivers Journeys with Griff Rhys Jones", which starts July 26, on BBC One. I'll be setting the Sky +, as I'm off kayaking in the Alps (where there is plenty of access to water) , but it's good to see him lending his name to another worthy cause.

I'm feeling quite optimistic that publicity like this will lead to a change in the law. I've met few people who aren't angling fanatics, that don't think the current situation is wrong.

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